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BriteSmile Tooth Whitening

Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced BriteSmile, and know the joy of looking into the mirror and seeing a whiter, healthier looking smile.

Right now, you can too!.Just call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Do You Want to Zoom!?

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System is a revolutionary tooth whitening dentistry procedure, it's safe, effective and fast, very fast. In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter.

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Snap-On Smile®

Why choose Snap-On Smile? No shots. No drilling. No adhesives. You can even eat while wearing the Snap-On Smile® appliance. Patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent candidates for Snap-On Smile

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PerioProtect for Healthy Teeth and Gums

PerioProtect is a convenient, comfortable, non-surgical gum disease treatment alternative for patients with moderate gingivitis through severe periodontitis. Custom made trays are thin, soft, and comfortable and are used at home with an antibacterial medication to quickly eliminate most gum problems.

FREE Report Reveals How Busy Mom's Can Have A Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile & Melt 10 Years Off Their Face Without A Shred Of Guilt.

Attention Honolulu Mom's...

"FREE Report Reveals How Busy Mom's Can Have A Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile & Melt 10 Years Off Their Face Without A Shred Of Guilt..."

Honolulu, HI - A controversial new FREE special report by Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki just released here in Honolulu entitled "How Busy Mom's Can Have A Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile & Melt 10 Years Off Their Face Without Guilt... In As Little As 14 Days Or Less."

According to the report many women report feeling ashamed to smile or laugh out loud. They believe people (even friends) are laughing at them behind their back or worse. Many women continue to report suffering, embarrassment and shame when it comes to how they feel about their teeth, mouths and smiles. The report reveals little known, affordable options available to you that could end your shame, suffering and embarrassment and transform your smile from an embarrassing eyesore to a whiter than white, shimmering compliment magnet.

To receive your copy of this revealing report absolutely FREE, click on the link below. This report is called "How Busy Mom's Can Have A Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile & Melt 10 Years Off Their Face Without A Shred Of Guilt..." Get instant access to this revealing report now.

Embarrassed to Smile? The Harsh Reality About Crooked Teeth That Most People Don't Know.

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Now there is a new way to straighten teeth without braces.

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Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics

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Migraines? Chronic Headaches? We can help!

At A Downtown Dental Group we offer the NTI-tss Plus, a proven treatement for patients with migraines or chronic headache. Call us today and find out if this small dental appliance, worn at night, is right for you.

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Honolulu Dental Implants: A Beautiful Solution for Damaged Teeth

Honolulu implant dentist Dr. Miyasaki can replace dentures, bridges and gaps with permanent, beautiful dental implants - and help make a life-changing difference in your social interactions and everyday activities. We also provide dentures, cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth.

When you choose natural-looking implant dentistry you'll not only get the winning smile you've always dreamed of, you'll also regain the confidence to smile, eat, speak and laugh freely again.

Affordable tooth implants permanently solve the unsightly and often uncomfortable damage to teeth caused by decay, disease, trauma, or the natural misalignment, shape and color of your teeth.

Call now at (808) 533-0000 to schedule a consultation or just fill out our simple online form. Don't let the cost of dental implants keep you from getting the care you deserve. We'll be happy to work with you to find affordable options.

Implant dentistry appointments available. We also provide dentures, cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth.

Meet the Dentist
Dr. Wilfred Miyasaki and his friendly team are committed to helping your receive the personalized implant dentistry care you need. At A Downtown Dental Group our staff is trained in the latest techniques.

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A Downtown Dental Group serves the following areas:

Map and Hours
If you need to find a dentist contact us at (844) 300-7118 for a map, office hours and directions. We're looking forward to helping your learn about your options for affordable implant dentistry.

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